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Case Studies

Liverpool Football Club Academy (LFCA)

Describe what your company does.

The Liverpool FC Academy is a youth training scheme. The team generally consists of Under-21 players at the club but at times senior players also play for the reserves when they are recuperating from injury. The site here is about 18 years old and originally had involvement with Vernon Sangster for training.

When and how did you first come into contact with Miele Professional products?

The Academy had already used Miele in the past and had some older machines already on site. Our dryers have been in situ for 18 years and are still working well. The machines were purchased under recommendation of the architect originally due to the quality and reliability of the equipment which was going to endure some pretty heavy usage!

What were the circumstances that led you to choosing Miele Professional products?

We have good history and customer experience with Miele equipment so there was no need to look at anything else. We upgraded our old trio of Miele 10Kg washing machines, but were challenged due to the space constraints of the room we currently use for the laundry.

What was your experience with the dealer you used, including installation and service?

Liver Laundry Equipment really looked after us and provided us with a very simple and professional service. The process was smotth from start to finish, and most importantly was stress free.

The only challenge we came across was getting the machines into the room, due to the size, but Liver identified this obstacle from the start during the Site Survey and so it was all handled within a day. We couldn’t have asked for anything more.

Which Miele Professional products do you currently use?

2 x PW 6207 – Miele 20Kg Washing machines
3 x T 6251 – Miele 10Kg Tumble Dryers

Can you describe the difference that Miele Professional products have made to your business?

The main difference we have seen since using Miele products has been the reduction in costs due to the flexibility of the machines within the range. We chose to upgrade to a 20Kg washing machine setup which in turn has used a lot less water and other utilities than the setup we were previously running.

It has also helped to support and endorse our ‘Reds going Green’ scheme which we choose to contribute to and strive towards being a much more environmentally friendly establishment. The club has undertaken a new carbon strategy, which has seen the Reds reduce gas consumption by 18 per cent and electricity usage by 13 per cent over the course of 12 months.

Would you recommend Miele Professional to other similar businesses, and if so why?

Definitely! The reliability and ease of use after Liver Laundry did the initial commissioning has been so straight forward. They had a consultation meeting with us to establish what would be the most suitable programmes to have on the machines, and the upgrade has given us even more flexibility because these machines are worked incredibly hard. We can put through up to 300 Training Kits (so the full haul shorts, shirts, socks) per day so the staff are manning this laundry 12 hours + every day and then on top of that we have all the towel laundry to do as well!

Is there anything else you would like to share about your Miele experience?

It has been so easy and stress free compared to what we have experienced in the past with other suppliers. Liver have really looked after us and kit is working great.

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  • "Liver Laundry Equipment really looked after us and provided us with a very simple and professional service. The process was smooth from start to finish, and most importantly was stress free.."
    Mark Geering, Liverpool Football Club Academy
  • "I would just like to say thank you for the way everything went on the installations, all were completed on the date given without a hitch and the feedback from the Residents is really good "
    Manager, Housing Trust
  • "Really nice guys, very polite and nothing is any trouble to them, please give them my thanks"
    Sheltered Accommodation Owner
  • "No trouble whatsoever, job done and complete within the time limit, took time to explain how to use the washers and dryers and even put instructions on the notice board"
    Warden, Housing Association
  • "Thank you for your prompt and efficient service by your excellent engineers"
    Retirement Apartment Owner
  • "Another "thumbs up" for Liver Laundry, well done on finding us a gem!"
    Food & Beverage Industry
  • "Prompt and efficient service for repairs and replacement machinery. Andrew and his staff were very helpful and accommodating. Would definitely recommend."
    Lorraine Heaton, NHS

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