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Buying Miele means buying into the sustainable spirit

Sustainability is the defining spirit of our age. As the world comes under increasing pressure, sustaining it is a global goal. Indeed, the United Nations has directly addressed this with 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) covering everything from climate change to zero hunger. The goals include: industry, innovation and infrastructure; responsible consumption and production; and conservation of natural resources.

Since its foundation 125 years ago this year, the manufacturer Miele has lived up to its brand promise of “Immer Besser” in terms of quality, innovation and performance with its durable and efficient appliances.

Implicit in Immer Besser is that Miele also aims to move with the times and capture the spirit of the age and rise to its challenges. To that end, it’s serious in its commitment to sustainability in its operations, in the products it develops and promotes and in the welfare of its employees.

No greenwashing

This responsible approach to its business practices and the planet’s resources might be expected of a company of Miele’s standing, with excellence at its core, but these things should never be taken for granted. Be certain, though, there’s no greenwashing with these German giants, who lead the field in energy-efficient laundry care and dishwashing and who are determined to stay in the vanguard – as they always have been.

Miele has a sustainability strategy and since 2002 has reported on its progress in reducing the need for raw materials and its carbon footprint while promoting a circular economy and upholding labour and human rights standards in its supply chain, by demanding high social and ecological standards.

Miele sustainability strategy

The strategy makes interesting reading. As long ago as 1909 its company health care scheme was established, followed 20 years later by its pension scheme. In 2004, Miele joined the UN’s Global Compact Network and a decade after that received the National German Sustainability Award. Latest figures from 2022, show the progress achieved in diversity and inclusion with women making up 30% of its 23,000+ worldwide workforce, while 12% of technical apprenticeships and 48% of commercial apprenticeships were female.

The company’s employees are at the centre of innovation too. Many clever minds push the envelope of technological progress at Miele. Their bright ideas have been collected and commended by the company suggestions box scheme since 1951. They also partner with various organisations to create concepts for sustainable living, for example with Melbourne’s Zero Waste House and Düsseldorf University on the Solar Europe Decathlon.

All this helps with Miele’s deserved reputation for developing appliances that are second to none.

Products and programmes are developed to save water and energy and Miele goes to great lengths to support customers, for example with assistance programmes and apps.

Saving resources

Durable products reduce the need to buy new ones. Providing they subscribe to modern standards; they protect the environment and reduce resource use. Miele therefore tests its appliances in long-term endurance tests to ensure they last up to 20 years and offer customers warranties of up to 10 years.

Miele leads the way towards a circular economy to protect natural resources. It has been exploring new avenues since 2022 in a pilot project in the Netherlands where suitable old machines are overhauled and offered to consumers as an attractively priced alternative to a new machine.

That said, Miele still invests more than 50 percent of all R&D expenditure on energy and resource conservation, because it benefits customers, the environment and the climate.

In so doing Miele is working with suppliers to reduce carbon emissions. In collaboration with ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe AG, Salzgitter AG and H2 Green Steel, Miele has signed declarations of intent covering for the most part future supplies of low-CO2 steel.

To achieve its goals Miele engages in long-term relationships with its suppliers as enduring partnerships to ensure high quality products and services, which also allows greater focus on social and ecological aspects within the supply chain.

In order to preserve resources, Miele aims to increase the use of recycled plastics to between 5,000 and 7,500 tonnes per year by 2025 whilst at the same time saving material in components, surface treatment and packaging.

Its developing material-saving components such as an injection-moulded floor module for tumble dryers. Production of these components involves the use of a foaming additive for which Miele were the only domestic appliance manufacturer to be awarded the TecPart Innovation Prize in 2022.


It doesn’t end there and there will be more in future blogs on how its decisions impact the lives of those who use Miele products. Miele’s stated goal is to

“be an inspiration to its customers and encourage them to make positive changes of their own, to be more responsible consumers and to live better lives.”

By buying Miele you can ‘pay it forward’ and increase this sustainable spirit. Speak to us today about how Miele can help your business be more sustainable.

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