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Getting the Best Performance From Your Commercial Dishwasher

Commercial dishwashers need to provide efficient, speedy and economic performance, no matter where they happen to be sited. Hotel kitchens, busy restaurant kitchens, hospital and care home kitchens and ward facilities all feature commercial dishwashers because they offer the reliability and performance levels that just aren’t available from domestic machines.

Making the Most of Commercial Dishwashing Machines

Getting the best performance from your commercial dishwasher does require some research though. These tips offer the expert advice needed to ensure sparkly clean glasses and cutlery time after time:

1. Don’t Allow Limescale to Build up in your Dishwasher

Regularly topping up water softeners with salt prevents this from happening. It’s generally quite easy to top up water softening tanks with salt. Most dishwashers feature an internal softener. As you open up your commercial dishwasher. You’ll spot a screw cap which needs to be removed so salt can be poured in.

Although most dishwashers need granular salt. Some models do specify salt tablets. So check what’s needed prior to making any product order. If you have a dishwasher that has a separate water softener beside it. This will need to be topped up with salt as well.

Failing to top up salt levels in your machine will cause stains to appear on crockery, cutlery with water spots and misty glassware. Eventually, the interior of the dishwasher will have a very white appearance. And your customers will begin to complain about the dirt on crockery and cutlery.

2.  Cleaning out the Nozzles on Wash and Rinse Arms of your Dishwasher

Another regular task to carry out weekly. Your machine may feature detachable rotors with wash and rinse nozzles. Or it could have rinse arms. It’s easy to remove rotors or arms from dishwashers. They feature a large number of nozzles. And will need cleaning regularly to prevent the build-up of debris or scale that stops them operating correctly. You just need to use a sharp implement to poke out any of the debris clogging nozzles. And rinse the rotors or arms in fresh, running water.

3. Use the Right Racks for Stacking Dirty Crocks and Cutlery

Generally, plate racks feature plastic spikes enabling you to stack your dirty plates, bowls and saucers in upright positions. Ensuring they receive the benefits of the entire wash and rinse cycle. When you take them out of your dishwasher any excess water will simply drain off into the tray beneath.

On the whole, try to stack crocks of the same size in the dishwasher. This prevents larger plates shielding smaller saucers or dishes from the full force of the wash cycle. The flat racks in the dishwasher are for cups. Enabling a large number to be stacked close together. They can also be used to hold cutlery baskets.

4. Use Your Cutlery Baskets Correctly

They are usually split into four sections. Holding knives, spoons, forks and teaspoons in an upright position throughout the wash cycle. The upright cutlery makes it a simple matter for water to drain cleanly and prevents evaporation.  This can cause watermarks on cutlery.

Placing too many pieces of cutlery into baskets prevents penetration by wash and rinse water. And means cleaning will not be effective. It’s a good idea to mix different cutlery items in baskets. As putting similar products into one basket can result in them sticking together. Stacking cutlery with the eating end upwards means you can fit more into cutlery baskets. And helps ensure any water residue is less noticeable.

Liver Laundry Equipment supply commercial dishwashers and washing machines to businesses of any kind. Get in touch today for more information.

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