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How Miele Professional can help you become better and better

Immer besser, Miele’s catchphrase, means becoming better and better – a perfect moniker for a company that is in a constant quest for improvement, even for the high bar they have already set.

Miele is, of course, found in countless kitchens and utility rooms in homes across the world – an appliance of choice for the most discerning ‘domestic technician.’ And if you are in the commercial laundry business the same holds true. You want the best to ensure your work is optimised and your customers are receiving the top quality service that will make them come back again and again.

Performance is key and is what differentiates Miele from many of its competitors and therefore has to be the number one priority when considering which brand to choose for your business. Other marques might be cheaper, but of paramount importance is how long your machines will keep washing, rinsing and spinning, day after day. You want repeat cycles, not to have to recycle your equipment. So, your key search words should always be economy and efficiency which are in fact Miele’s watch words. They are Liver Laundry’s too.

But why is that?


Don’t mistake activity with achievement. The machine might be making a noise and have flashing lights, but it’s the results that matter. Miele machines boast short programme cycles and if you want laundry available for use in quick time, then Miele’s commercial technology is where you should be aiming. In addition, exclusive to Miele is the patented Miele honeycomb drum with its sculptured surface setting the highest standards in laundry care. 

But immer besser – they have even improved this! Carefully positioned openings in the back of the drum ensure wetting and dewatering within an even shorter space of time and coupled with their patented pre-spin which can handle the most challenging wet and soiled laundry, the perfect wash is guaranteed, every time. 

Further, Miele washing machines enable spinning with a very high g-factor, reducing the residual moisture of garments to a minimum, thereby saving valuable energy during the drying process.

Efficiency and sustainability:

Performance stands for little without efficiency and sustainability and again Miele sets the standard. Efficiency is – doing better what is already being done. With Miele you can save money and be environmentally friendly. Miele Professional commercial laundry machines are impressive with very low consumption values and are known for their maximum efficiency. This standard is applied right from the product development stage: perfect results by using recyclable materials and no more water, energy and detergents than necessary. 

Precision is another key word in the Miele lexicon. Even more savings are made with their Automatic Load Control Plus measuring how much water the textiles absorb in the wash drum and recording the weight of the load that was entered manually via the controls. With this combination, the use of water and energy is adjusted very precisely to the requirements.  With liquid dispenser pumps, the detergent can also be adjusted to the process automatically and exactly for further savings in terms of chemicals.

Also exclusive to Miele is their newly designed suds container which closely hugs the inner drum, and the entrance to the sump with its heater elements is gently curved enabling very low water levels, achieving significant water and electricity savings.

Strength in gentleness:

Perhaps Miele’s greatest strength is found in its gentleness. The commercial washing machines are powerful but even delicate fabrics are safe. Miele’s unique honeycomb drum’s structure is designed for gentle fabric care. It creates a thin film of water between the drum wall and the laundry. The laundry glides gently on this film and is treated with optimum care – scientifically proven by the Institute for Applied Research in Krefeld. It means textiles are treated more gently
and garments keep their shape and last longer.

Quality counts:

When you purchase a Miele commercial washing machine you are investing in quality and therefore durability. The professional technology and excellent reliability that is a by-product of exceptional German engineering means that Miele appliances are built to last. All their products are extremely smooth running with independent springs and additional shock absorbers that stabilise a unit and reduce vibration allowing these tough appliances to stay tough. Because of the sophisticated asynchronous frequency-controlled motor, maximum performance and durability is generated with gentle run-up to spin and extremely quiet operation even at high spin speeds. You hardly know it’s there!

Miele has been around for more than 120 years, always evolving, and their washing machines forever revolving. Immer besser underpins the company’s innovation, efficiency, excellence and professionalism. Quite simply your success is Miele’s success. They offer perfect solutions for your commercial laundry business and, this partnership, this collaboration means that you can do what you do best, serve your customers and never be washed away.

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