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These days there are few domestic set ups without a washing machine. They may even have a few other appliances to boot – a tumble dryer or dishwasher.

Having a washing machine and a tumble dryer in your kitchen, or if you’re lucky, a utility room is just so handy. It involves no big laundry bags being lugged down the high street to the laundrette. No matter how beautiful that place is, even for recreating that classic Levis American advert of 1985, it can’t really beat the convenience of having your own home on-premises laundry (OPL) solution.

Well, we heard it through the grapevine that those clever cats at Miele have launched their beautiful Benchmark series of appliances for OPL stateside. They’ve been here in the UK and Europe for a while, but it’s time for America to have a bit of that marvellous Miele rotation action – they don’t want to miss out on a good thing! It was announced in November last year that Miele Professional is moving in on the scene with this stand-out line of washers and dryers.

Benchmark machines are, of course, perfect anywhere in the world in any setting because they are engineered – Immer Besser – for their durability (at least 30,000 hours of operations for washing machines and 20,000 for dryers), reliability and high throughput, which makes them ideal for hotels, hospitals and other facilities with reliable, onsite textile and linen reprocessing. It’s a range of seven washers and seven dryers, available in sizes to support various load capacities, spanning 11 – 35kgs for washers and 14 – 45kgs for dryers.

Setting the benchmark

The Benchmark series already has a reputation for delivering great results. The appropriately named Performance and Performance Plus machines have tailored solutions and cycles which are perfectly geared to user applications. Benchmark washing machines are all about achieving top performance, evident both in design and the thoroughly optimised laundry technology with its powerful, frequency-controlled asynchronous motor, which promises maximum performance and excellent product longevity.

These machines can meet all the challenges of modern laundry care. All programmes adapt flexibly to requirements and all machines feature disinfection programmes as standard. The Performance Plus line has thermal and chemo-thermal disinfection programmes and the entire set of programmes can be fully adapted to suit individual requirements, including the option of creating new, customised cycles.

What’s more, noise and vibration during operation are also kept to a minimum. Miele’s unique and exclusive honeycomb drum 2.0 speeds up the wetting of laundry and dirt removal. 12kg of laundry, for instance, is washed with moisture reduction of 56% in only 42 minutes at 60°C, because of a very high g-factor, thereby saving valuable energy during the drying process. The concave drum pattern protects laundry as it dries and the Miele PerfectDry system also includes a residual moisture sensor to ensure garments dry evenly.

Regardless of the type of textiles your business has to deal with and how you manage your laundry processes, there’s a Benchmark machine that will meet your needs. The Benchmark 3D sensor permanently analyses load imbalances, so the machine is able to optimise spin cycles which further extends machine life expectancy. In short, this pro-level tech means that Miele appliances are built to last.

Expert support

Miele Professional has also established technical support in America. The UK equivalent is Liver Laundry. If you want to set up your own OPL operation then as an authorised Miele dealer our service technicians can give you hands-on training on Benchmark machines (or any other Miele marque) so you can get the most out of your investment.

As Charlie Robards, business development manager at Miele Professional said in a recent media interview, seeking advice from a laundry specialist (like Liver Laundry) is a good idea, if you’re considering investing in an OPL or planning an upgrade. That’s because we can help you with the location of the laundry facility in your premises, help you with installation and the selection of the best appliances that will meet your needs. Call us today!

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